Dole has several methods of obtaining support for its product lines. Dole's Sales and Engineering Departments can be contacted Monday through Friday 7:30-4:30(CST). Also, operation and maintenace manuals for Dole's Dual Contact Freezer and Eutectic Blower Unit products are provided below.
Senior Freze-Cel (.pdf) 2.35MB
Junior Freze-Cel (.pdf) 1.04MB
Teenager Freze-Cel (.pdf) 871KB
Remote Teenager Freze-Cel (.pdf) 980KB
Sideram Freezer (.pdf) 4.35MB
Econo-Cel (.pdf) 373KB
CHO Truk-Cel (.pdf) 733KB
PHO Water Defrost (.pdf) 1.24MB
Sequential Defrost (.pdf) 2.16MB
Additional Terms of Service (.pdf) 191KB
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