Dole's Eutectic Blower Units combine the benefits of Dole's eutectic holdover technology with the flexibility of greater temperature control. The systems are built using Dole's Eutectic Holdover Plates enclosed in a durable, lightweight enclosure. Fans mounted on the system circulate air over the plates and distribute cool air throughout the application. The major benefits of using the Eutectic Blower Unit system over the more passive Holdover Plate system is the thermostatic control and even distribution of air throughout the application. Dole produces three lines of Eutectic Blower Units with several options available for each. For more information on these systems, catalogs are provided below or contact Dole.

Dole Econo-Cel Blower Unit (.pdf) 217KB
Dole Truk-Cel Blower Unit (.pdf) 797KB
Dole Cold-Wel Blower Unit (.pdf) 1.68MB
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